Sunday, December 11, 2011

Data Update

While I'm waiting for a few things to calm down for me, I've posted a poll off to the side to collect some side data. Interesting results so far don't you think!

I've also heard from some authors who had really great sales at Barnes and Noble for a time and they've told me that once the chatter stopped, their sales tanked.

Does this mean I'm right? Well it makes me feel pretty good about my hypothesis. However, I still think this experiment needs to be done. It's getting close to time people!

So I ask you this. I'm going to gather everyone who is interested and add them to a list of books which I will post here. I will then have the subjects pick a book they'd like to read. I figure a group of 10 or 15 would be good enough. I have to keep this small as I'm the only one conducting the experiment. Does that sound good to you? I originally wanted to give them one week to read but I'm thinking maybe two weeks would be better. Not everyone can just zoom through a book.

Please leave feedback!

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